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The Art of Investing

You'll appreciate the difference

Investments are never good or bad by themselves. They must be judged by your objectives. It’s the only option that really makes sense.

The music plays and the dancers twirl – sometimes in unison, sometimes in discord. There are lifts and dips, and every so often there is a crash. The choreographer listens to the music and understands the dancers, mapping out how the various components of the dance will pull together into a single, harmonious production. The dance is not always perfect, there will be occasional missteps and unforeseen issues, but the performance would be difficult to achieve without the choreographer’s guidance.

At Sandy Patrick, CFP®, we work with you to create an investment plan for you, all the while providing gentle education and guidance. We provide personal financial counsel, rather than the well-rehearsed “have I got a deal for you” approach.