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The Art of Retirement Planning

You'll appreciate the difference

In these financially turbulent times, making the right choices before and after retirement can mean the difference between peace of mind and panic.

The loom sits empty. Then the process begins, weaving and winding the threads of your life. The fibers in the skilled hands of the weaver begin to bring the fragments – an IRA, a pension, Social Security, your children and grandchildren, your dreams – into a cohesive tapestry. A vision of what is to be takes shape. Attention is focused on every detail – a masterpiece in the making.

At Sandy Patrick, CFP®, we take the time to develop a retirement plan, whether you are in the accumulation or in the distribution phase, unique to you, encompassing your hopes and dreams. We help you maintain a vision of what is to be.

We understand you face unique challenges as you prepare for retirement and while retired. We can help take the mystery out of preparing for today and tomorrow. Our personalized service focuses on you to weave a cohesive, resilient and beautiful retirement tapestry.