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The Art of Tax Planning

You'll appreciate the difference

Money saved by reducing your taxes can be directed toward your goals: retirement, education funding, vacations, paying down debt, increasing savings, and building and preserving your estate.

The cacophony of tax returns, forms, numbers and documents can make it difficult, if not impossible, to hear anything – like an orchestra warming up. Then the conductor, in a knowing way, brings chaos and discord into harmony – all the various instruments’ scores become a beautiful piece of music.

Not only do we speak “taxes” – we sing them! Taxes are the underlying percussion beat of your financial life. It’s what you put in your pocket after-tax that’s important to achieving your goals - the return on investments and savings is only part of the equation.

At Sandy Patrick, CFP®, we develop and help you integrate careful tax planning strategies, often working with your accountant and tax attorney.

It’s easy either to let tax strategies over rule all other considerations or on the other hand, to simply ignore that complicated stuff. Like Tchaikovsky’s 1812 Overture’s integration of a cannon into a perfect piece of music, it’s important tax planning strategies are likewise unified to complement your overall personal financial desires and needs.