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No Joke! It's Financial Literacy Month

No Joke! It's Financial Literacy Month

April 01, 2022

April is Financial Literacy Month!

As you can imagine, that makes us very happy. It has always been our goal to help more people understand their finances.

Of course, the big push for Financial Literacy Month is to help younger people better understand their finances. This is fantastic as it puts them in a position early to make their financial lives easier.

For us, however, we have spent our entire careers trying to help those nearing retirement and in retirement. Our goal is to make sure your investments work for you so you can focus on all the other things life brings.

How can you get involved in Financial Literacy Month?

Take a look at created by the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago (part of our Federal Reserve banking system) and watch one of their free webinars hosted the week of April 11th. They will talk about something new each day.

The Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards has a great website for the public with a focus on financial literacy.  They even have a free monthly email newsletter you can sign up to receive.

And be sure to share these resources with your friends and family.  Happy Financial Literacy Month!