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Just Adjust Your Plan

Just Adjust Your Plan

January 07, 2021

Just about a year ago I planned to blog weekly…then life exploded.  My mother was been hospitalized after Christmas, 2019 and as we all know, 2020 went downhill rapidly from there.  Needless to say, not another blog post was made after my start.  But there’s an important lesson worth discussing:  no matter the planning we do; there will be changes, roadblocks, surprises, and detours. 

Unfortunately, many people use the inevitability of life changes as an excuse not to plan.  That same logic says there’s no reason to take a road trip because there might be a delay or a little road construction along the way. 

Financial planning (or tax planning, retirement planning, or estate planning) involves creating a roadmap.  Having a map doesn’t mean you can’t change your destination or lengthen the trip or add additional stops along the way.  It just means you have some direction based on your current best guess of where you want to be headed. 

Using this some philosophy, I am again embarking on a journey to share with you my thoughts as we progress through the year – some financial, some personal.  Hope to meet up with you next week!