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Fall's the Time to Organize

October 28, 2016

It seems it is the season to clean up, organize, and plan for the year ahead. Certainly, we have all seen that our home improvement stores are out there once again rallying for us to buy shelves, cabinets, closet organizers, and other materials to simplify our lives, get our homes clean and tidy, and put things in their proper places. Well, I’m not much different although I am a financial planner looking to help you clean up and tidy your financials, and help you put things in their proper places too.

Often people really don’t know why they might need a financial adviser. Some think we're simply someone who helps people buy stocks, bonds, and mutual funds, in which case most people think they could do that themselves (which is true enough). However, a financial planner can do more than that. Instead of just helping you put up a shelf, we can do the financial equivalent of helping you reorganize your closet. 

It is not about finding a place on the wall to put up a shelf, rather it is about finding out what items you have, what items you may want in the future, and what items you may have omitted in the thought process. Certainly, we can help you with all those things.

For those who need additional expertise in the area of the law (wills, trusts, etc.), we have attorneys that we work with who will be glad to assist in those areas. The same is true for accountants. However, we are also pleased to work with any attorney or accountant you already have a relationship with.