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The Art of Insurance

You'll appreciate the difference

Managing the risks you face is the foundation of your financial house. Unfortunately, insurance and insurance products can be difficult to understand and evaluate. But without appropriate emergency savings, property and liability insurance, health insurance, and in some cases, life insurance, long-term care insurance and/or disability insurance, the best made financial plans can be destroyed.

It’s easy to let insurance with its complexity overwhelm you. Like a sculptor we will help you chip away everything that doesn’t contribute to the art of your life, but likewise, ensuring you have the correct pieces in place, leaving only a beautiful and reassuring foundation for your life.

At Sandy Patrick, CFP®, not only do we speak “insurance” – we can help interpret and evaluate it for you. We help you determine what risks you face and how best to insure against them. When you need protection, we will help you determine will best meet your needs, often working with your current insurance providers.

We provide an independent evaluation of your current coverages, watchful of potential gaps, excess coverage, or where inefficiencies lie.